pigeon breast milk feeling bottle plastic Star Pattern 160ml


贝亲 母乳实感适合三个月以上宝宝塑料奶瓶 星星160ml

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Product Introduction
Baby bottle to cheer breastfeeding.
The baby has been made to study across the movement of your mouth to drink the tits of mom in 60 years,
With breast milk feel nipple.

Since the movement of the same mouth as when directly drink the breasts can be reproduced,
Also used in combination with tits smooth. To assist the comfortably breastfeeding.

Bottle with a gentle roundness is easy to support in his hand, rolling hard to form.
As the baby and the mom can breast-feeding without difficulty, vary depending on the growth stage and the scene
Easy to hold even in many breast-feeding posture, is the bottle design in pursuit of fit to the hand.
Easy to wash Reconstituted easy, wide-mouth type.

Light and difficult to crack, high-quality plastic (PPSU) made, which is also used in equipment.
Two sizes to match the suckling of the baby (160ml · 240ml).

And made of heat-resistant glass, there is also a bottle of simple design without a handle.

※ breast milk realize nipples, baby, especially newborn
Paying attention to the baby suckling of newborn.
A result of continued research, three steps mammal of such baby
1. Adsorption (adsorption)
2. Sucking (old iron)
3. Swallowing (Enge)
It seeks to be able to reproduce.

■ Step 1: Paku’ upon application – adsorption (adsorption)
Tits the same, areola part in a wide caliber refreshing form of when the baby is sucking.
When you put in your mouth also urged the sucker function of the lips smooth, you can firmly adsorption.
Adsorption will also be difficult to swallow excess air to be able to firmly.

■ Step 2: the movement of the tongue in the pull out the breast milk – sucking (old iron)
It called peristaltic-like motion, by the movement, such as the wave of the tongue, so as to squeeze the nipple,
Pull out the breast milk. This movement has become the softness and thickness to be fulfilled.

■ Step 3: swallow – swallowing (Enge)
Since the appropriate amount of milk and milk in response to the baby’s growth can drink, swallowing is also smooth.

★ milk feeling ® nipple, as smoke can change the shape and size of the hole each time to age and growth,
From SS size of newborn-only lineup until LL size of up to more than nine months.
That time to be the appropriate drinking, you have the correct amount is designed to go into the mouth.

Materials / Ingredients
Food cap: Polypropylene
Nipple: synthetic rubber (silicone rubber)
Bottle: polyphenylsulfone (PPSU)